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Carl, Richard, Mark and Karen at Easter, 2013

Mondays is a weekly show chock full of people dumber than you, tech toys, a girl, and a lot of really geeky, funny, and sometimes amazing stories.


Carl Franklin brings you Unfortunate Web Headlines, as well as Things I've Learned This Week, sometimes Geek News of interest, and otherwise acts as the ringleader to the rest of the idiots on the show.
Karen Mangiacotti shares her random thoughts of a biker turned Stepford Wife every Monday in a segment she calls Girl.
Mark Miller points out the week's idiots in People Dumber Than Me and also has been known to talk about old naked guys in the news.
Richard Campbell investigates websites selling toys both geeky and freaky in a segment we call Richard the Toy Boy.
Please contact us with your suggestions! We take every suggestion seriously, except the one from the guy who obviously doesn't understand anatomy. You know who you are, dude.
Latest Show


All pent up with no fucking doughnuts!

Karen, Mark, Richard and Carl fill everyone in on what they've been doing since the last Mondays. Karen unleashes 3 years of pent up life at the speed of cocaine. Carl misreads the label on a bottle in the fridge at his brother's Superbowl party. Mark and Karen tell their kids to stop listening to Mondays and go to bed. Karen wears a bikini, because fuck you. Mark Miller, well... we're not really sure what happened to him. He was here, then he was gone, then he called in, then he was cooking potatoes in space with Elon Musk. Richard is shocked when he learns that his go-to strange Japanese device website has gone away. Regardless, he finds the weirdest most fucked up Japanese USB-connected device ever.

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Japanese USB Site goes Weird

Big Wheel for Adults

Cat's Paw Selfie Stick

Astronaut Duvet

What the fuck is this?

VIDEO: Groove or Get Out of the Way

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