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Introduce yourselves to our crew. Although a bit motley, they somehow manage to get the show done every week.


Carl Franklin is a computer programmer turned speaker turned techie author turned talk show host from New London, Connecticut. He is recognized by Microsoft as a technical leader in the programming community. Prior to creating and hosting Mondays, he spent two years as host of a programming talk show turned podcast, .NET Rocks! and teaching new technology to computer programmers from all over the world with his own training company. Carl is also an accomplished musician and audio engineer. Somehow all the planets aligned to create Mondays, and he's not looking back.


You can reach him at carl@franklins.net

Mark Miller is an insane fire-breathing computer programmer. He has years of experience writing code and has absolutely zero tolerance for bullshit. He leads a team of software developers for Developer Express, building software tools for programmers. He is recognized world-wide for his ingenuity, as well as his off-the-wall sense of humor. Prior to his career, he went to film school at USC and spent time as a script reader in Hollywood.

Before Mondays, Karen Mangiacotti performed as a stand up comedian in Boston, LA and New York, with occasional tours to places like Batavia, Ohio. She was Boston's WFNX's Girl on Film, because, after all she lives a life devoted to Duran Duran. She also had a syndicated movie review show called "Down in Front" with comedian Micheal Bails (who also, though reluctant to admit it, lives a life devoted to Duran Duran). Her fairly surreal existance also included a two year stint in Europe teaching English to Italian business men, teaching puppetry to children with dyslexia, appearing in the Edinburough Theatre Festival with an English comedy troupe, and working in LA in a comedy troup where there were two women - the blond, and "The Other One" (Karen was the other one).


Contact Karen at karenlee723@sbcglobal.net

Richard Campbell is recognized by Microsoft as an expert in his field, building scalable websites on the Microsoft .NET platform. If you don't know what that means, don't worry. He's a true geek! In fact, his nickname is Richard the Toy Boy because he finds really cool (as well as somewhat questionable) toys on the Internet, and talks about them on the show.


Contact Richard at toyboy@franklins.net


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