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Miscellaneous Bits
Some of Mark's best rants and Carl's best bits

 Web Headlines (with Robert Scoble)

 The Rambo Rant

 Mark's Expedition Expedition

 Mark vs Clara - a Battle of Tot Wits

 Psycho Monkey Muggers

 Taking the kids for a swim

 The Wendy's finger-in-the-chili incident


 Mark's Kids in line for Star Wars I

 Mark's wife takes a dive

 Nipple Horror 3

 Instant Messenger Acronyms


The Week in Geek / News Bites
Carl Franklin brings forth geeky news stories from around the web

 Week in Geek #36 (with Robert Scoble)

 Schmeckle does the Space Shuttle

 Schmeckle finds the Space Sail

 Week in Geek for Show #25

 Mars Rover Opportunity Stuck in the mud

 Mark interviews Igor Schmeckle

 Microsoft's Start Something campaign

 Apple Picketed for being wasteful


Karen Greenwald
From Girl on Film to just Girl, Karen gives it to you straight

 Career Spotlight: Tracy Lords

 Karen's Rant on SUVs


People Dumber Than Me
Mark Miller finds people making the news that will make you feel a little bit smarter

 Of Mowers and Munchies

 The Monkey Made Me Do It

 Monkey Swat Team

 Budhist Monk Sees No Evil

 Where'd My Knife Go?

 Doggie Poo Snatcher

 Art Student Keys Cars

 Harvard Horse Sense

 Counterfeiting Kids and Underwear Eating Guy

 Drunk Burgler

 Dumb Student Steals Laptop

 Dumb Bank Robber

 Chick Rescue

 Happy Rugby Fan


Richard the Toy Boy
Richard Campbell highlights toys on the web. Some great, some scary.

 Hard Drive Disintigrators

 The story of Goliath, the 1972 20MB Hewlett-Packard Hard Drive

 Inflatable Beachwear


 Snore Stopper

 Touch Dic

 Walking Machine

 Haptic Cow


Names I've been called this week
Mark Miller sometimes ends the show with a list of names he's been called that week.

 Names set to music


Here are some clips from early shows


News Bites
Carl Franklin recaps the week in political news for those with nano-scale attention spans. What, you expected us to be freaking journalists?

 Click here for a sample


Google Weirdos
Ocassional contributor Rory Blyth combs his weblog access logs looking for search terms that people type into Google that land them on his blog. You wouldn't believe what people are looking for!

 Click here for a sample.


The Weird Wide Webb
Kirk Webb searches high and low for the absolute weirdest web sites the world has ever seen. Personal lifestyle aside, some websites are just plain weird. OK?

 Click here for a sample.


Ask Rory
Rory Blyth answers your questions about technology, relationships, jobs, or whatever else is on your mind. Send your questions to rory@neopoleon.com.

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